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            khuyến mãi tiền cược miễn phí Đặt cược miễn phí

            Kit includes: Frame, fork, headset adjuster, seat, and crank set (46 T 170mm). To place an order, Email sales@.

            The Citi is a great urban-looking bike to ride with the single chain ring on the front! 





















            RANS Phoenix, Bentrider Online Recumbent bike of the year, 2018.


            Updated warranty information as of February 2020. 

             The Alterra 26 on our Bargain Bin page has been reduced!

            RANS in action!

            RANS Bikes offers a premier lineup of crank-forward, recumbent, and tandem bikes. High performance design and components set our bikes apart from anything else in the industry.  All of our models are time tested to give you the ultimate in riding comfort, reliability, and style.  Please give us a call to discuss your needs, or visit our web store at shop. for further information.

            *Visit our Bike Page for powder coating choices we offer on select frames.

            10/26/2017 New ITR (Into The Ride) article #114 


            by Jerrell Nichols & Jonathan Garcia

            A frequently asked question we get from potential customers is why a crank forward? What is a crank forward? To answer those questions, we put together an article titled:

            Why Ride a RANS Crank Forward Bike?

            Crank Forward Frame Geometry

            Crank Forward Frame Geometry

            Our Crank Forward Bikes

            Please be sure to check out our good friends at RANS Designs.










            Our specialty…bikes and coffee!! Stop in and see us!